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Re-targeting has becomes an integral part of modern digital marketing campaign whether you are doing doing SEO, SEM or email marketing. Idea of showing the product again and again on various network is the key in re-targeting business.


Here are top 5 things to consider while re-targeting visitors

  1. Ensure You Target Products – Re-targeting has to to be pin point and not open ended. Eg. When a visitor comes to your sites and leaves from a product page, you must ensure that you show ad related to that product and not of website.
  2. Setting Multiple Campaign – Visitors normally surf multiple products before they buy or leave the site. As a marketer you need to ensure track those events and display ads of those products.
  3. Using the right image – In display advertising the images play a crucial role. Use the image that attract visitor with some text like highlighting discount price or brand.
  4. Choosing the right Medium – Re-targeting can be done on various platforms like social media mainly on Facebook, display and text ads on websites and emails.
  5. Budget – Setting up the right budget for your re-targeting campaign is tricky if you are doing it for the first time. Re-targeting works on impression and not on actual conversion or clicks so as an advertiser set the right target for re-targeting ads you should not run out of budget in showing ads.

In the next blog we are going to talk about top online re-targeting software.

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