Developing a Robust online reputation has become the number one marketing priority for a company & it’s Brand(s)

Most business owners have realized that what customers want is information that will help them feel confident in order to make the best & most well-reasoned purchase. We at Seologist strongly believe that Today, quite a bit of that confidence comes in the form of online reviews/Opinions as part of customer experience(s) as regards a particular brand that reflects a lot about a company’s and it’s Brand’s online Reputation.

customer reviews  Customer reviews

The impact of social media continues to grow in all aspects of digital marketing, branding, and business. Online reviews represent a new paradigm in word-of-mouth marketing, and should be welcomed with open arms from marketers of all tactical viewpoints.

Reviews can be used to keep a keen ear on an audience’s point of view, provide feedback on specific marketing campaigns, or can be used as a simple benchmark, so you can measure the true success of the marketing efforts. Without online review management, your social media strategy is simply lacking the data required to grow and adapt with this ever-changing landscape.

User perception management User perception management

Perception is a way of seeing, understanding or interpreting. In business, perceptions describe the way stakeholders and customer/clients perceive an enterprise or a brand, based on its actions and the behaviour of its people. To stakeholders, perception is their reality. Perceptions may be good or bad, depending on the experiences that stakeholder groups might have had when engaging with the organization.

Proactive PR is important for online reputation management, because it means one is creating positive search engine results, which can keep negative search results from ever appearing.
One can focus on positive content-generating activities, rather than putting out fires via reactive management.

The key to online reputation management is to do it before you ever need it, and to create a positive online brand.

Blog writing and optimization on popular websitesBlog posts

The simple act of posting on your blog Space or other blogs can do powerful things for your business.

When it comes to increasing the blog reader base and driving more traffic to the posts, there are a few Social media platforms like Facebook Twitter etc. Thus Social media platforms are an excellent source for connecting with the readers and building a rapport. All businesses should use such social media platforms as a part of their marketing and branding strategy. Blogging strategy should be part of knowing how to use Social media platforms effectively that can lead to unbeatable exposure.

Monitor online conversation Monitor online conversation

It’s always good for any Business to know what people are talking about — especially if it’s about the Brand.

When one is building a brand that needs to go online, one of the most important elements to monitor is the Brand’s online reputation. Online reputation management, essentially is the process of monitoring and managing what people are saying about the Brand – it’s company/organisation, it’s people, it’s culture etc.

Online, as in word of mouth is one of the most potent methods for spreading good news. There are many paid services to help monitor a Brand’s online reputation, also tools like Google Alerts etc are used to keep track of your mentions on the web.

Monitoring social media buzz   Monitoring social media buzz

Whether you use social tracking software or other traditional methods like ‘surveys’ etc to track social buzz created by the brand, it is imperative you find social media monitoring tools that are the right ones for your business.
Monitoring Social media activities about your brand helps in better marketing and branding.
Furthermore the use of web analytic tools can also help identify customer metrics or issues related to Brand recall & Brand positioning along with other “Brand’s health parameters” that might have been overlooked.