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Major search engines modify their algorithms which affect how your webpage gets ranked. A research team at SEOLogist Inc. continually research on these changes so as to optimize the web pages for maximum visibility and effectiveness in the World Wide Web. Our team studies what is acceptable by the search engines that will help us to rank your web pages higher and generate more business.

We work according to major search engine algorithms thereby helping you to decide the number of keywords, identify the right keywords for the page that needs to be optimized and how often they should occur so as not to result in spamming but to increase the visibility of your web pages on search engine results.


Why Your Website Needs On-Page SEO

A website can not generate great results unless it is not ready for the competition online. On-page SEO packs @SEOLogist Inc. are well crafted to make your website SEO friendly keeping in mind how a real-time human user visits your website.

Search engines (especially make frequent updates in their algorithm to combat the spam practice or unethical SEO practice.

  • Generate Targeted Traffic on Your Website
  • Increase Website Visibility & Higher Ranking of Most Searched Keywords
  • Overall Performance of Your Website In Terms of Generating Business


Why SEOLogist On-Page SEO Services?

  • 5+ Years of SEO and Cross Domain Experience
  • White Hat SEO Services
  • Affordable and Effective On-Page SEO Solutions
  • Best Customer Services, Track All Your SEO Activity Under One Project Management Dashboard

Why On-Page SEO

There are the certain things in On-Page SEO which help to index your webpage at the top of the search engine On-Page SEO is very important for the search console

  • Heading tags
  • Alt tag
  • Canonical link
  • Description
  • Keyword density
  • Meta tag creation
  • Sitemap
  • Robot files
  • Google analytics
  • URL optimization


Bring Targeted Traffic On Your Website