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The tussle of quality over quantity has been a long talk. SEO guys, Website owners and webmasters wants to know this. In today’s webmaster question and answers video Matt Cutts tries to simplify that.

Important points for SEO professionals and Webmasters

Matt Cutts denied that more number pages has any effect on ranking. This means that smaller website can also do well in search ranking against sites that has thousands or millions of pages.

Matt’s answer also clarifies that having more back links increase Page Rank (Even after Penguin 2.1 update). However, one point he made that having higher page rank increases the chances of Google goes deep in your site and to index more web pages. But, for that one need to point various links to individual pages and not home page only.

Our question is there are many sites that just keep adding pages to their site to target more and more local keywords especially dating sites and other those who target multiple cities for their business. Does they have to create these many backlinks to gain ranking?

Matt’s information is very helpful to SEO guys and webmasters but, it it leaves a question on above raised topic.

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