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For any size of a business big or small, having an eCommerce website, managing it and generating profits over the years has become one of the most important aspects. An online eCommerce business needs a business strategy for internet marketing. We at SEOLogist Inc. provide a variety of services to make your eCommerce business a success. The way we do is by designing a strategy keeping in mind your line of business and the targeted audience. Our e-commerce marketing campaign provides you the best SEO strategies keeping the user perspective in mind and current trends as priority. Our team of SEO professionals are experts in building strategy(s) to promote your business online, keeping in line with the ever-changing Google algorithms.

Latest eCommerce SEO Strategy

The success of our online business depends upon the results generated by ‘Google shopping algorithms’. Google shopping results are most important for an E-commerce SEO campaign. We provide you the best E-commerce SEO package at an unbelievable price especially for the results that you can easily measure. Google draws the results submitted to its database. Our team of SEO experts study and analyze these results so as to meet the standards of Google shopping algorithms.

We care about the success of your business as much as you do. We design promotion campaigns to keep potential customers coming to your online business thereby increasing your sales and ranking too.

The success of an online business depends upon the potential customer who is searching for your line of products using search engines.

We at SEOLogist Inc. plan and optimize your web site to increase relevant traffic by finding the keywords used, improve your brand visibility and convert visitors into buyers. With our eCommerce SEO packages we have made Search Engine Optimization for eCommerce extremely cost effective and buyer targeted.

Details of eCommerce SEO Package

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Benefits of E-commerce SEO Services

  • Wide Geographical Reach
  • Generate quality traffic
  • Increase Your Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Provide customers valuable information about your business
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Enhancing brand recognition and build brand credibility
  • Increase visibility through search engine marketing

E-Commerce SEO Website Analysis Services

SEOLogist Inc. offers an effective website analysis and reporting services at affordable prices. Website analysis is an important process for successful online marketing. Our professionals, analyze and plan the strategy for your website, to get more traffic.

A comprehensive review of your website traffic and an effective strategy is developed to convert your website visitors into potential customers.

E-commerce SEO web analysis services helps to track, monitor and optimize your website.
Therefore we ensure in solutioning a perfect SEO strategy to boost your online business.

High Impact Keywords That Deliver More Traffic
We provide an intensive keyword analysis report for your SEO campaign. Keyword analysis helps you to decide which specific keyword or phrase you should be targeting. Keyword analysis is designed to identify and target all relevant keywords that would guarantee potential users in finding specific pages within the website.

SEO keyword analysis experts are very essential in order to effectively increase the traffic coming to your site which in turn has a positive impact on revenue. Our experienced SEO team has expertise in keyword analysis and makes use of the best technologies to help you keep ahead of your competitors.

How we do?

  • We identify the most profitable keywords and key phrases specific to your business niche
  • We will discover related keywords and search phrases that are relevant to your business
  • We carry out an effective process that optimizes your web pages and most profitable keywords that bring more sales
  • Finding competitors keywords

Competitors Website Analysis

Competitor website analysis helps to get an understanding of the overall market competition. SEO competitive analysis is the process of analyzing your website in view of your competitors. Our process includes preparing several reports covering an important information regarding competitor sites.

Analyzing the competitor’s sites is one of the most important step in online business. We measure the usability of competitors websites. The primary benefits of doing ‘competitor analysis’ for any business is to have a better understanding of what your competitors are doing and what they are offering to customers.

Analysis Process

There are following steps for E-commerce website analysis:

Step 1 : Identify competitors
Step 2 : Evaluate the competition
Step 3 : Check out competitor’s stats
Step 4 : Review competitor’s websites

E-commerce Link building SEO Services

At SEOLogist Inc. provides an effective link building service to the customers. Quality link building is one of the most important factors for your site to rank higher among search engine results pages (SERPs).  We strategize link building campaigns for e-commerce websites. Link building for an e-commerce website involves a lot of techniques and strategies.

There are various benefits and parameters that exist for e-commerce link building services :

  • Create content
  • Make your page interactive
  • Contest time
  • Write blogs
  • One way links to your websites
  • Improves Google PageRank
  • More visibility and popularity on the internet
  • Higher ranking on Search Engines Results Pages
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