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In this day and age of cut throat competition there are millions of sites selling the same products and services as your business, so you will need to make your site stand out to attract attention from target segment.

At Seologist our online Brand promotion services are an integral part of the overall Brand marketing Strategy in order to target customers from any corner of the world on a 24/7 basis.

Respond and interact

Brand’s success depends on the level & type of user relationships made and nurtured on social media with the target audience. Social media Analytic tools helps to determine the effect of Marketing efforts made on various social media platforms.

Thus responding & reacting is all about getting things done, and it’s not just one thing, It’s sharing posts, interacting with other sharers, who may or may not be your customers, solving problems, measuring outcomes and writing great content.

  1. Communicate and Interact with Your Fans, Don’t Just Post
  2. Write Well and Share – The content should be simple, meaningful & honest to the users & not just Intelligent or interesting.
  3. Measure – Social data needs to be consistently tracked because it reveals what works and what doesn’t so one can plan the branding strategy accordingly
  4. Create to be Engaging – It is easier for your audience to remember something in a visual form.

Press Release
Online press releases are often considered the hidden gem of a search engine optimization campaign. All too often, business owners focus on other viable content-specific initiatives such as web pages, blogs and article distribution without giving PR the attention that it deserves simply because they don’t believe that they have anything newsworthy to promote. This could prove a costly miscalculation since a properly optimized PR can be an online marketing triple threat.

So what makes -up for a Good P.R are listed below

Company Events Make for Great Press Release Topic Ideas

  • Philanthropic Endeavours
  • A customer contest, raffle, or giveaway
  • Trade show events
  • Updates on newly released (or about to be released!) products and services.
  • Offers & Discounts
  • Any recent publications or broadcasts.
  • Employee award or achievement

Social media
The spread of technology has opened the gates to new ideas which has been previously blinded to, therefore the way people interact by using online resources aka “Social Media” like Facebook, twitter etc strives to find new ways to define (Social) Mass communication which has got a lot to do about branding & Marketing as well.

From a marketing viewpoint, Social media has the capacity to reach more people in remote corners of the world than ever before, leveraging the incredible reach of the Internet to connect with Company blogs, customer forums, videos, and shopping carts that have no geographical limitations.

Contests and promotions through social media outposts like Twitter and Facebook are a great way to generate excitement and engage and involve the target Audience, fans, friends and followers. It’s a good method to get people interacting with a brand, product, event or organization in a meaningful way while helping the Business to identify the most enthusiastic patrons.

For small business or even a large one, it is important to share online competitions contests. This will not only help the business to introduce a new line of products or services but gain more customers in the long run.

Video Marketing
If pictures speak a thousand words, imagine what a video could say about your business.

Recently video has become a popular way to market a business. The main reason for this is that it can generate traffic and interest very quickly.

One of the main advantages of video marketing is that it saves your visitors lots of time understanding what is being offered. Hearing and seeing about your products and services has more credibility and helps you to connect to your visitors on an emotional level. Another great advantage of using videos is their ability to go “viral” and spread your message quickly

If you use the appropriate keywords in the video’s tags, you have a better chance of ranking high in search engines.

Free Sweepstakes

How do you entice people to at least look at your website?

How do you spike interest in your product enough for prospects to at least have a medium of interest at what you are offering?
The answer is simpler than it may seem. You need to offer them a free gift.

Your gift must be relevant to your actual product or service in terms of features, advantages, and benefits. If people like what information you have to offer, they will certainly come to you regularly for the value they perceive. Unless your gift is relevant and can supplement the main product in use, your potential customers will have no reason to opt in or make a purchase

Overall, your objective is to let people see and recognize the value of your offer before they opt in to the actual product or service.